Like many rappers, Ludacris bought his mother a house when he started bringing in the big bucks. Unfortunately, the "Vitamin D" rapper admits that he did not have a sense of style at the time. As a result, his mom's home included things like a painted logo for his Disturbing Tha Peace imprint in the home office.

Ludacris' mother began several different decorating projects over the years, but was never able to complete them. Her son finally changed that by teaming up with Houzz to give the home a makeover.

With the help of a Houzz designer, Ludacris and his wife completely redid the living room, dining room, kitchen and office. The makeover is featured in My Houzz, a video series that features celebrities surprising a close family member with a home renovation.

“She’s going to wake up every day with a smile on her face and go to sleep every night with a smile on her face, knowing her house is complete,” Ludacris said.

Viewers can watch the house transform in the latest episode. Houzz also put some before and after photos of the home up on their official site. Ludacris was finally able to give his mom the house she deserved, and Roberta Shields was incredibly grateful for her son's gift.

“I see us making lots of memories here,” Shields said “It feels wonderful.”

Watch Ludacris' renovate his mother's home below.

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