Last month, Lupe Fiasco revealed his plan to release three albums before the year’s end, all culminating in his retirement in 2017.

Today, (Aug. 29) he’s back with a new look and chilling visual for his single “Pick Up The Phone." The song, which debuted in July, is laced in poetry and rhetoric. It's a contemporary love story that begs the often-asked question in relationships—“why won't he/she pickup the phone?” Lupe offers an introspective look at a couple’s relationship and how the reliance on smartphones can impact their communication and emotional well-being.

The Chicago rapper opens the track spitting, “I just need a minute to replenish who I am and who I am is dependent on exactly where we stand.”

The soulful narrative follows a young man who thinks his girlfriend in screening/ignoring his calls and texts. In a frantic drive to her apartment, police stop him and he slowly waves his driving documents outside his driver’s side window. He arrives at the apartment where he finds his girlfriend unconscious in bathroom with her iPhone lying beside a pile of pills. The visual is stirring, to say the least.

Check out Lupe’s emotional video above.


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