In a video he posted to social media on Wednesday (March 20), the Chicago rapper calls out Atlantic and alleges that they used to try to get him in the studio with ghostwriters despite his own ability to write songs.

"Atlantic is so filthy with the shit, that they would turn around and have a team of writers, a team of producers waiting for you! So once you go through the meeting, they strip away all your esteem, they strip away all your confidence and your own work," Fiasco says in the video. "They send you right to the studio with the hot producer of the time with the creative team and the writers, and they got whole songs waiting on you. And for some niggas, they even got their raps waiting on you! You won't believe the phone calls I got in the middle of the night from niggas talking about, 'Man I want you to come into the studio, but let me write all your shit!'"

Lupe goes on to explain how it's a tough decision to make as an artist because if you chose to go that route, you'd get the hits and the fame—but wouldn't make much money because you don't own a lot of the material you're putting out. He also notes that this could bring money from other avenues like touring. He says he ultimately chose not to employ Atlantic's purported tactics because, "I wouldn’t want to give that to you!"

Fiasco's last studio effort, 2018's Drogas Wave, was released independently through his own Chicago-based imprint, 1st and 15th Productions.

Check out what Lupe Fiasco had to say in full below.

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