I think it is time to hang up the twerking craze.  I know many people will disagree because for them, twerking is the coolest thing. 

This booty popping dance is nothing new and has been around for a long time.  I remember it being called booty shaking and it was looked down upon as something only black women did.  Now, everyone including white America is popping their butts.

Today, I came across several websites and all I saw were headlines about someone twerking.  Whether it was elderly white women, Tamar Braxton, or the biggest twerk fest in NYC.  It is overdone and needs to stop.

I have three reasons why I think we need to move on.  Don't judge me but know if your daughter can twerk better than she can do a sit up, she's failing.

1. Twerking has spread the acceptance of degrading women.

2.  My mom asked me to explain and show her a video of twerking.

3. Miley Cyrus, enough said.

Again, I understand that it can be entertaining and or fun to do but it has gone to far.  Even men are twerking.  Really guys, really?