Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving day and I want to make sure I give you some tips to eliminate any stress you may encounter.  For the record, my turkey day experience is slightly different from yours because I don't eat meat or most of the traditional dishes.  Regardless of my meatless meal, I can help you out.

  • House Hop

    This holiday, you should definitely house hop to prevent any stress.  If you sit at one home too long you're prone to arguments and boredom.  I like to visit as many homes as possible on Thanksgiving to hang out with as many friends and family as possible.

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  • Layer Up but be Comfortable

    If you're in Michigan, you know the cold weather will be here for Thanksgiving and if you're house hopping, layer up the clothes but be comfortable.  Guys, you know we're always asked to run out in the cold weather to grab something or run to the car.  If you're layered up, you're warm for the split second of enduring the harsh temperatures.  Make sure you're comfortable because you may take a nap or have to sit down for long periods of time.

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  • Have an Exit Strategy

    The family member or friend is already thinking of a way to stress you out this year.  Do not allow them to win the holiday stress war.  Plan your exit strategy to leave before they start bothering you.  Park your car so that you can't get blocked in.  Please, do not fall for the their traps this year.

  • Memorize Your 'I'm Thankful for ______' Speech

    If you're family is like mine you may have to give a prayer or short speech on what you're thankful for.  Do not freestyle this one especially if you're around people that you are not familiar with.  Practice your speech or prayer to make sure everyone know that you are extremely thankful this year.

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  • Make sure the Detroit Lions are on

    This has to be a Michigan tradition to have the Detroit Lions on television for Thanksgiving.  Here are a couple reasons why you should have the game on.

    A.  The Lions are actually good this year.

    B.  If you ever need to leave an awkward conversation or get rid of a annoying family member, you can run to the television and away from them.

    C.  Fellas, most women will not sit in front of the television to watch the Lions.  Put this moment under the 'No Women Allowed' section of your to do list this year.

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