M.I.A. has designed a fashion line collection with Versace that will be released in October. The UK artist did not have to write a remix track to Drake/Migos' 'Versace' to line up this luxury designer deal, it has been in the works for a few years now. 

M.I.A. has been exactly that for some time now, she has an album release coming up November 5th that many of us did not know of, Mantagli is the title. While she was at the Paris Fashion Week, she spoke with Women's Wear Daily briefly describing her career and future endeavors.

One thing that stuck out was the fact that she is releasing a line with Versace subsidiary company 'Versus Versace,' owned by Donatella Versace aimed at building relationships with industry wigs and fashion designers.

 “I have a collaboration with Versace coming out in two weeks,"

Check it out the video for her single 'Bring The Noize' and be on the look out for her Versace Collection in a couple weeks and Album release November 5.