Machine Gun Kelly hopes his latest record connects with those who need it most. The Cleveland rapper links up with singer Hailee Steinfeld and producer Happy Perez for his new single "At My Best." The track is an uplifting anthem that's meant to inspire listeners. You can hear it below.

“This song’s for anybody that feels like I did, never the cool kid," MGK says. "This song’s for anybody who fought their way through, always remained true. This song’s for anybody, the ones that’s trying to get it the ones that dream it and live it."

The Bad Boy Record artist goes deeper on his verses. MGK gives encouragement to his fans by reflecting on the ups and downs of his own life.

"Life is about making mistakes/It's also about tryna be great/Do not let failure scare you away/I know you fed up, you fall, get up/It's all in us, I can speak about cause I did it/Ladies and gentlemen, here's the exhibit/It's my life, look a little closer, you could see the highlight/Gold ain't always golden, but I told 'em/Look at all the years I've been waiting for a moment/Shed a lot of tears just to smile in the morning," MGK raps on second verse.

"At My Best" might be the next "Bad Things" and help MGK secure another platinum record. Listen to "At My Best" below and cop it on iTunes.

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