Macklemore is gearing up to release his anticipated Gemini album, and the Seattle rapper is making sure we know exactly what we can expect as far as content. The Grammy-award winning musician stops by Hot 97 to not only spit an epic freestyle over Kanye West's "Lucifer" beat off of JAY-Z's The Black Album, but he also does an interview with Ebro in the Morning.

While flexing on the new freestyle, Macklemore spits about winning a slew of Grammys at the 2014 awards ceremony, name-dropping his alma mater, and how he's still winning despite what the haters might have to say. He also talks about earning his accomplishments as an independent artists over the last few years in his rise to fame.

In another stop at the radio station, Macklemore talks about a bunch of topics with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Styles, including surviving his recent car crash, his upcoming album, and people who don't respect his political messages at his shows. He says that he has gotten booed off of stages before, but he doesn't want those individuals to be his fans or give him their money as it is if they can't respect his messages.

"It surprises me. I think most people get it, but then again people are really dumb, man," Macklemore explains. "I'll say some shit about Trump at a show, or I'll talk about marriage equality going in the same. Depending on the show, depending on the area of the country, you know depending on like, if it's a corporate gig, and people are just there getting drunk with their friends and they're like, "Oh, I've heard 'Thrift Shop' before, let's check this out, you know, I'll get some boos. At this point I'm just...if you're going to the show in 2017 and you don't know what I'm about politically, get the fuck out. I don't need your money. I don't need you as a fan, and you don't need to be here. Fucking leave. Call it what it is."

Watch Macklemore freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's show and speak on pushing political messages at his shows in the videos below.

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