Magic Johnson wants to see 'The King' take the throne once occupied by 'His Airness,' and he's putting up $1 million to make it happen. During an NBA broadcast on Friday, Johnson offered a million dollars to entice Miami Heat star LeBron James to participate in the NBA dunk contest in 2014.

With no superstar dunkers, dozens of missed dunks and an anti-climactic win by Terrence Ross of the Raptors in 2013, the annual all-star weekend dunk contest is thought to be in need of retooling by many, including Johnson.

Please, LeBron, get in the dunk contest. I'm going to put up a million dollars," Johnson said. "A million dollars from Magic to LeBron. Please get in the dunk contest. I go every year. I want to see you out there. A million to the winner."

After three MVP awards, an NBA title and an Olympic gold medal, James has little left to accomplish on the basketball court. Many believe that James is the best basketball player on the planet right now, needing only to add a few more rings and pad his stats to equal Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls great won two dunk titles in the 1980s and is arguably the greatest player of all-time.

James has been making spectacular dunks in pre-game warm-ups that are on-par or better than those seen in the dunk contests in recent years. He has shown no indication that he would participate in the dunk contest. UPDATE: LeBron is considering the offer. He has about a year to make up his mind.

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