Dr. Dre has been the face of many rumors throughout his life, but this most recent one is costing a lot for the person behind spreading it. Accoding to the BBC, a 73-year-old South Korean man is being fined after he reportedly spread the false rumor that Dr. Dre was going to marry the former First Lady of South Korea, Lee Hee-ho.

Hee-ho is the widow of late Nobel Peace Prize winner Kim Dae-jung, who was president of South Korea between 1998-2003. The outlet reports the man who spread the rumor that the former N.W.A. member was set to marry 95-year-old Lee Hee-ho has been ordered to pay five million in South Korean won, which is equivalent to about $4,400.

The man has been found guilty of “violating the honour of the deceased and the bereaved.” It is reported that he spread the rumor in order to launder “slush funds” that belonged to the late president.

While it is unlikely that Dre and Hee-ho may even know each other in real life, it may also be safe to assume that the man behind the rumor did not persuade many others to believe it. While Lee Hee-ho is still continuing to do good for the country of South Korea and their relations with North Korea, Dr. Dre is getting back in the studio.

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