This guy is creepy and ridiculous.

A Clifton Heights, Ohio man with a tattoo on his forehead that reads "I'm a pornstar" was arrested Sunday night for sexual imposition and assault back in 2015.

Christopher Wilson, 37, allegedly punched and kicked a woman before he groped her in her privates.

Below the classy "pornstar" ink is another, much more troubling, tat about having sex with teens.

Both tattoos are problematic for many reasons (and probably worse than any ink this fella got). First of all, you can't go through life with a tattoo on your forehead that lets people know you have what is an illegal affinity for teenagers.

Second, putting a tattoo in such an exposed place, while not illegal, severely hampers your social and professional prospects. Let's be honest: the moment he got inked there he gave up any chance he had of becoming CEO anywhere. Heck, he could've tattooed the cure for cancer there, but it still would've freaked out a good chunk of the population.

Third, it's not smart to get a tattoo on your forehead, but even more so when you bear a resemblance to Charles Manson, like Mr. Wilson here does.

Fourth, he spelled "pornstar" wrong. It's two words. Come on, buddy -- grammar should still count.

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