My Mom used Craigslist the other day to buy a $1 car battery who know it could also be used to bring new life into the world.

The internet is full of things that can be very useful to people in need of pretty much whatever your heart desires. When it comes to buying or selling anything from cell phones to cars Craigslist usually is the best place to search. But not everyone wants the same things as you or me there needs can be a little more complicated.

A man in Washington D.C actually posted a wanted ad for a baby yes you heard me right  the man wanted a baby from Craigslist. He was not offering Money for the baby he just wanted a mother that was willing to let him impregnate her and he would take care of everything else. He even says the mother doesn't have to stick around to be in the baby's life she has the option to leave if she chooses to.

Is this really what the world has come to are there more people out there that have completely given up on love? Are there more people out there that have given up on monogamy to the point that they will go to the same website to start a family and get a great deal on a lawn mower?It's things like this that makes me just fear the way the world is headed.