This whole Lil Wayne and Cash Money beef is really hurting the fans, because the Young Money rapper presumably has tons of material that is tied up in legal tape, including the highly anticipated, Tha Carter V.

Fans recently got a taste of an unreleased Weezy track courtesy of Mannie Fresh. The former long-time Cash Money track maker was on Da Takeover Podcast with hosts Thedo and Maq and offered up a mix, which included a portion of the unreleased Weezy track "Start This Shit Off Right."

The song has that old Cash Money vibe, with a bounce reminiscent of the good old days. It's refreshing to hear Tune having fun on a song.

"Yeah, just a watch and a mink coat/Even my biatch got a mink coat, yeah/Her pink purse match her pink clothes/When you hoes knock, we dont check the peephole, yeah/Just a watch and a mink coat/Say she love me long time like Kelis hoe, yeah/Her pink purse match the makeup/And when the water get too hot, I got a Steamboat/Tell my doctor "No prescribe, no placebo"/I'm cooking up, crack house like a Bistro/Everybody pour a 5, Carter cinco," he spits.

The track is said to feature Christina Milian who cannot be heard in the preview. The song title might sound familiar because it appeared on the Tha Carter V rumored tracklist from 2014. At this point, we're not sure where this song will land, but we need the full version ASAP.

Mannie also previewed two more new songs with Wayne, one which might be on the EDM project Fresh is said to be working on, and another which may be a remix of the Big Tymers' "Big Ballin" with 2 Chainz. Hear those both below.

Wayne recently announced he will be putting out a new project titled Funeral some time in the near future.

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