MisterPeePee has a goal, and if you agree with that goal or not, its his goal.

He would like to pleasure himself in every single one of New York City's 300 Starbucks locations.

This might sound like madness, but take some time to talk to any Starbucks Barista and they will tell you Starbucks is a magnet for creepers and weirdos.

If you are wondering about the logistics of how Mr. Pee Pee will go about his business, all you have to do is read one of his reviews.

Today's Starbucks visit is rated as a 4 Boner, spacious, clean, excellent coffee, strong wifi, no interruptions & 1 hot chick.

I do have some concerns about "Double P" (I just made that up) efforts though.  According to reports, he has not updated his progress in months, and may have gotten caught.

Creepy people are nothing new to Starbucks employees though, so they should know how to handle him.  One Barista said this about "Double P":

Reminds me of the dude who would wank with honey in the bathrooms in (I believe) MA. fml. fyl. ftj."

I guess I'll just stick to the drive thru.