Mariah Carey is never one to hold her feelings on the inside, and that's why her fans love her so much.

That's also why nobody was surprised when she was more than blunt about her thoughts on Britney Spears judging on 'X-Factor', but people are wondering if Mariah took a shot at Britney.

When asked about Britney, Carey said, "I love her, honestly, I think she's a very nice person, but I don't care who's going on that show, as long as it's not me."

It seems straight forward enough, until you consider that Mariah was once considered for the very seat that Britney now holds.

I personally think that its just an honest answer from an honest woman, but the one thing we can all agree on is that Nick Cannon looks like a doofus who is only there to hold her purse.

Mariah On Britney