Master P.'s ex-wife claiming to be broke and has moved in with her son, Lil Romeo.  The No Limit Records CEO seems to be sitting on a large sum of money but doesn't want to share with his former lover. 

Sonya Miller is claiming that she is living on welfare while her ex-husband is living the good life. Sonya started dating the legendary hip hop mogul in the late 80s before the fame started.  Not sure if she's positioning herself for a court battle at a chance to win some money but we'll wait to see.

Sonya is taking care of four small children and is in need some money according to TMZ.  Master P. has failed to respond to any divorce petitions even after being fined $10k.

As of now, this is just Sonya's side of the story.  Until Master P. responds to the news, we can't pass judgement.