Meek Mill had some pretty big words at his 'DreamChasers' event when he said that he was the Lebron James of the Hip Hop game, and he was serious.

He didn't even smile when he said it . . . He was 100% serious when he basically said that he is the 2 time reigning champion and MVP of rap.

Meek justified it by saying, "I'm LeBron, because LeBron is a young guy who came into this game like a monster. I'm that young guy who came into hip-hop like a monster. A lot of people counted LeBron out, a lot of people counted me out, so that's who I compare myself too."

Someone should tell Meek that a lot of people get counted out, and never move on to become anything.  Maybe he should start comparing with some of those people before he picks the overall best player in the NBA.  Don't get me wrong, I like Meek and I think the event he put on was a great thing . . . but he might be overstepping a little bit.

If you had to pick the Lebron of Hip Hop right now, who would you say it is?