Meek Mill seems to have an interesting sex life, but there’s one aspect he needs to improve on in the bedroom.

In a Dirty Street Confessions video interview with internet personality Supa Dupa Humble's Instagram page, @supadupahumble, which debuted on Sunday (Jan. 9), the 2022 XXL Awards Hip-Hop's Humanitarian of the Year nominee spoke candidly about his lack of experience when it comes to the sexual act of "analingus"—or eating butt—properly. When asked if he was a professional "ass-eater," Meek said, “No. Not yet, I need to do more work.”

When asked to grade himself on eating groceries between the numbers one and 10, the Philadelphia rapper replied, “Six.”

In a hilarious moment, Meek was asked, "What ass tastes like," and he gave a jaw-dropping answer.

“[It tastes like] unseasoned lamb chops, I would say,” he jokingly stated. “It depends on what type of ass it is.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Meek got real candid about his sex life and revealed that he likes to spit in a woman’s mouth—which is one of the freakiest things he's done with a woman—and vice versa. He also added that he likes pretty toes, especially white-painted toes. “If they are pretty, that makes me feel better,” he said.

In another clip, Meek was asked about a sexual rendezvous in London. The Dream Chasers leader revealed that he had trouble removing 15 women from his hotel room during a sexual tryst.

“That’s when the magic happened,” he added. When asked if it was an orgy, Meek played dumb.

“Nah, we ain’t have no orgy.” When asked if it was a “16-some,” Meek replied, “I don’t wanna seem like a ho on this joint. I can’t be on this joint like a thot, yo.”

Watch Meek Mill hint about having a 16-some in a London hotel below.

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