Lil James is just a kid who's four, each day he slays the internet some more.

I've been dealing with the flu for the past few days, and if anything good has come from the downtime, it would be Lil James.

Lil James is a four year old boy who is channeling the smoothest, mouthiest, best big brother, 40something OG of all time. The more I try to explain what Lil James is all about, the more I'll fall short, so the best thing you can do is watch some of his videos. Let's start with Lil James telling his mom about a stray cat that he's found.

I think the back and forth between Lil James and Mama is over when James drops, "If you had a cat . . . it would bark at you."

So the introduction to who Lil James is and what he's all about is set. You're only seeing half of the picture though if you think he's just some cat loving tough guy. James might also be the most protective big brother of all time. Just watch his mama try to take his baby sister while Lil James has to go to his Grandma's house.

There's also the time Lil James thought Mama wanted him to move out.

Lil James does have a sweet spot for Mama though. Just watch him try to make her some dinner. Also, watch how he goes into smooth Lil James mode in the very beginning of this video.

I can't believe that Lil James hasn't become an internet star yet, but there have been some people that have caught on to him.

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