American men are officially more insecure about their body image than women according to a new study.

The Guardian found 80.7% of men, or more than four in five, admit they have body image issues.  Only 75% of women in the survey said the same thing.

That is far from the most shocking thing that the survey found though.

38% of men said they'd actually give up years of their life for a perfect body.  12% would give up one year . . . 15.2% would give up two to five years . . . 5.3% would give up six to 10 years . . . and 5.3% would give up more than 10 years.

The survey found plenty of insecurities with today's man, but giving up years of your life is definitely the most shocking to me.

Some of the other findings of the survey were:

63% of men feel like their arms or chests aren't muscular enough.

30% of men say they've heard someone refer to their "beer belly".

19% have heard someone call them chubby.

19% have heard someone talking about their MAN BOOBS.

It appears that being overweight will not just affect your health, because a small percentage of men admit to doing drastic things to lose weight.

4% of guys have made themselves sick to try to control their weight.  3.4% have tried taking laxatives to lose weight.

I think 'Fat Bastard' summed it up perfectly for today's man.