The Miami Heat's 27 game winning streak has been put to an end by the Chicago Bulls. What seemed impossible has happened and in good fashion for the undermanned Bulls who pulled it off 101-97 in the end. 

Without their star players Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah,  and Richard Hamilton, the Chicago Bulls managed to pull out what many thought was impossible. With the new record in sight it seemed that Miami had a burst of energy that could not be caught, yet the Bulls did what many teams could not do.]


32-29 to be exact. Luol Deng led the way with a team high 28 points, Lebron had a game high 32 points. The fourth quarter has been many of the teams who came close problems, no one could finish, the worse being Cleveland who blew 27 points within 10 minutes.

The Bulls came through tonight and showed major effort while ending the second longest winning streak in NBA History, just under the historic 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers who won 33 games straight.

Watch some of the Heat's top plays during their winning streak below