A Michigan couple has been thrown out of the hot tub and into even hotter water after being arrested at a Sandusky Ohio resort.

Kamden Mack of Ann Arbor and Taylor Coats of Hudson were arrested at Kalahari Ohio last week according to the Free Press. The couple were enjoying some quality time in a public hot tub at the resort when a life guard started receiving complaints.

The two were allegedly having sex in the hot tub in full view of families that were in the same area. The lifeguard tried to get the couple to leave, but they refused, so the police were called.

Eerie County Sheriff's Office
Eerie County Sheriff's Office

Once the two were removed the hot tub, things started to get even crazier. The hotel was going to escort the pair to their rooms so they could gather their things and leave.

Instead the love birds bolted.

Security caught up to Kamden and handcuffed him until police could put him in the back of the car. Things didn't end there though.

He managed to get out of the police car because the back door would not lock. He tried to make another run for it, before being tackled by police. That probably explains his mug shot.

The girl ran back to her room and was taken by police without any struggle.

The worst part about this story is that the situation is normally reversed. We usually get to make fun of the crazy Ohio people doing dumb things in Michigan. I hope that we can get back to normal soon, because I don't like this trend of Michigan looking like the meth fueled crazies.

(The comments on Kamden's Facebook page are hilarious.)

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