We always hear about K-9's and their ability to sniff out just about anything. Well, one Michigan K-9 just proved that by sniffing out a woman's wedding rings on a beach in the Upper Peninsula.

I can see a dog finding an article of clothing, a weapon, or even a human body but something as small as a wedding ring? That's pretty freaking cool.

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Elsa Green was enjoying a day at the beach along Eagle River in Michigan's Upper Penninsula when she somehow lost her wedding rings. Well, after finding a gentleman who had a metal detector and tried finding them for her, she still ended up empty-handed. Her friend then went to the sheriff's department and talked with Sgt Brad Pelli who brought Dogo, the department's K-9. After smelling some of Greens' clothing, Dogo wasted no time sniffing out and finding those rings.

Elsa Green:

K9 Dogo, you will forever be my hero! I started my beach day at Eagle River by losing my wedding rings in the sand. A nice man with his wife’s metal detector tried to find them to no avail. My friend Colleen ran up to the sheriff's department to see if they had any way to help and was told no. A few minutes later Sgt. Pelli and Dogo showed up. Dogo put his training and skills to use and sure enough, he found my rings! Dogo, I’ll be bringing you ice cream to say thank you!

I don't care what you say, the whole thing is pretty impressive.

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