I have a feeling a lot of people will not agree with this particular Michigan attorney.

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Vaccine passports seem to be all the buzz, we are even being warned about fake vaccine cards. Honestly, I am not surprised. I know plenty of people who do not want to get the coronavirus vaccine for one reason or another - and I can certainly see a few of them attempting to get a vaccine card or vaccine passport on the black market.

I will not be needing a fake passport or card, I am patiently waiting to get the call to come on down and get vaccinated. That being said, this post is not about me - it's about whether or not being asked to show a vaccine passport to travel, or attend an event is discriminatory.

According to Detroit lawyer Ven Johnson, it is not. Johnson made the following remarks to WXYZ,

'I don’t think this is really a discriminatory issue at all. When you talk about discrimination, you’re talking about race, color, creed, national origin. Issues that we have recognized under the law, under a protected class. Vaccinated or not vaccinated is not that.'

Before you get fired up over your freedoms being taken away, we are not to this point yet. Johnson does go on to say if there is a mandate, he does expect to see people challenge the vaccine passports in court.

All I know is at this point, I am willing to do anything that will get us back to attending live concerts and shows safely. What do you think? Do you think vaccine passports are a good idea, or not so much?

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