Full disclosure, I had no idea seats were pre-selected at movie theaters. The last movie I attended was 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' - a Quentin Tarintino film in May of 2019. After watching this recent fiasco at a Michigan movie theater, I really don't have a desire to go back anytime soon.

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On Friday, March 25th, a man was filmed at Emagine Royal Oak having a fit over being asked to leave his seat. According to Viral Hog, this is what went down,

Two young ladies came into the movies with seats assigned and the man was in the wrong seat and wouldn’t move. So managers were called and they paused the movie. This is what happened. Everyone clapped at the end.

I don't believe the angry moviegoer was able to grasp the concept of someone purchasing seats ahead of time and or assigned seating. As I said, I did not know that - but I would certainly move if I was indeed in someone's seat.

You will hear in the video below, an Emagine Royal Oak employee attempting to explain to the man that the ticket he purchased has a seat number on it too. The angry man's response is 'whatever' and calls the employee an 'a-hole' too.

Eventually, another employee steps in and asks the irate man to leave, she also offers him a refund. As you can imagine he is not having it and rattles off some bull about possibly wanting to be taken out in handcuffs. Luckily, it did not come to that.

The man does eventually leave after sputtering something I believe to be about his jacket - that he paid $900 for it. He then turns to the audience, says goodbye, and tells them to enjoy the movie. Oh brother.

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