We all know COVID-19 really threw a wrench into a lot of plans; however, as we make our way towards Halloween, various venues and establishments are getting creative with ways to still bring the "spooky spirit."

The Michigan Renaissance Festival was another on the list of beloved events that were not "allowed" to happen this year.

Now, I know my opinion doesn't mean much as Renaissance Fairs are something loved by many, many people, but I really can't stand them. Anything medieval just makes every ounce of my body cringe from the inside out.

However, I can acknowledge what a bummer that is for people who really love them.

Despite this year's festival being cancelled, The Village of Hollygrove is still bringing people in with what MLive reported as transforming the village "into a haunted lights sensory walk-through with 3/4 of a mile of eerie lights and sounds."

According to MLive, the festival partnered up with Fantasee Lighting, a national lighting company, to turn what is normally the Renaissance Fair into what they have dubbed: "A Haunting in Hollygrove: Phantasm of Lights."

This won't just be like any other haunted house, though, just the simple fact it will probably feel a lot less claustrophobic is enough for me! It really seems like it would be a lot more spacious.

"The walk-through will feature eight haunting lighted scenes along with creepy characters scattered throughout the village," MLive said.

So if you are willing to to still make it out to Hollygrove one way or another this year and get in the "spooky spirit", this could be the thing for you!

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