I thought this was already in place but now the Michigan Senate has approved a bill to prevent sex offenders from loitering near day care centers.  Uh, why has it took so long?

According to MLive, the Michigan Senate unanimously approved a bill to prevent registered sex offenders from being within 1000 feet of a day care center.  Previous bills prevented convicted offenders from being near schools which we all knew about.

If registered sex offenders are caught near a day care center, they could spend up to one year in prison or $1000 fine. Even if caught a second time, the offender could get two years in prison as a felony and/or $2000 fine.

Maybe I am living under a rock of the sex offenders laws but I would have thought this bill would have had approval long before now.  I think protecting the young people of this world is vital and it should be top priority.  Sex offenders need consistent monitoring to prevent any further incidents involving children.

I am glad the bill was passed but I want to know, what took so long?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.