The Tigers have definitely been over achieving this season, and now they'll have to step it up even more with Miggy out for the rest of the season.

Miguel Cabrera is undergoing surgery to repair a ruptured bicep tendon. The injury happened Tuesday night as the Tigers lost to the Twins.

Miggy will go down as one of my all time favorite players, so this is hard to watch. The look on his face is more than just pain. He has struggled with this injury a lot over the last couple of years, and he knew what happened as soon as he swung.

His face shows the disappointment of a man who was just starting to have fun playing baseball again.

John Hicks will move over to first to cover Miggy for the rest of the year, but there is definitely no replacing him. Even though his numbers have been declining due to injury, he presence is irreplaceable.

I hope that the surgery goes well, and maybe can be a new launch point for the last half of Miggy's career. We have been so lucky to have him in a Tigers uniform for so long, I hope he is able to put it on again.

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