Everyone is having there laugh after Miguel's faithful leap in to internet fame at the Billboard Awards. But I feel like this is a much bigger issue than just some silly viral video this man should be in jail.

I know you have seen the video of singer Miguel leaping over a crowd of people at the Billboard Awards but instead managed to leg drop a girl. Luckily the girls was not hurt and the show continued I am happy for that.

But what I'm not happy about is the fact that this man just assaulted this lady with his nuts and everyone is acting like it didn't happened. Sure he did it on accident but if this girl was to tell you this story and changed who it was and where it was. Now that would be a whole different situation he would be doing some serious time.

So be happy that you are a multi talented singing sensation because if your were not you would be in jail with a dude named Spike and he would "adorn" you.