A dad who had been separated from his family for a little more than three months made a surprise appearance at his sons 'Star Wars' birthday party as Darth Vadar.  The kids reaction is priceless, and homecomings like this one will NEVER stop being heartwarming.

Here is the video of the 'Star Wars' homecoming, but make sure to scroll down and check out four other great stories of parents surprising their children.

This boy thought that his dad had sent him the biggest package EVER from overseas, but once he opens it up he finds that its the best present ever too.

I love this one because it's not your traditional father/son story.  A mom returns home to be the celebrity coin flipper at her sons Varsity football game.  Judging by his reaction, he had no idea that his mom would be the special guest.

When this little girl was asked to spell 'Sergeant' in her school spelling bee, she's lucky she got it right because her Sergeant Dad was waiting to congratulate her.