The Miss USA pageant is full of the most beautiful women from each of our 50 states, and sometimes the girls are asked questions that not even their stunning beauty can answer.  Let Miss Utah explain.

Marissa Powell was asked about the income disparity in America between men and women by Nene Leakes.  Saying that she struggled with the answer is like saying that eating cotton ball soaked in orange juice is wrong . . . (I know that it really is wrong, but to these girls, its called "Dinner.")

The best part is that Nene Leakes is the one asking this question.  After years of being called an idiot for being, well an idiot, on The Real Housewives she is ready to get some revenge.  I'm pretty sure Leakes watched months of MSNBC Money to find the hardest possible question she could.

Just a side note here, the slip up on her answer didn't stop Miss Utah from winning third runner up!  Check out the highlight video of Miss Michigan Jaclyn Schultz.