Mystikal is expected to be released from jail soon after spending 18 months in Shreveport, La.'s Caddo Correctional Center for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping.

On Tuesday (Feb. 12), the rapper’s attorneys told TMZ that the rapper was able to scrape up the $3 million for his bond and secure his release. There has been no official word on when, exactly, the rapper will be released, but it looks like he's getting out.

"It's been a long time coming for Mike, but now he can get back to being the artist he is, doing what he loves, and seeing his kids again," said Tim Yazbeck, who is a part of Mystikal's legal team.

Speaking to Shreveport-based journalist Nancy Morris Cook, Mystikal's lawyer Joel Pearce confirmed that the rapper posted a $3 million bail. As was previously reported by TMZ, Mystikal was able to raise part of his bail money from a new record deal he's reportedly signed.

Pearce confirmed the record deal while also saying that some "concerned individuals" have been looking out for the rapper born Michael Tyler Lawrence. They've apparently helped pay for his bail, as well. Undisclosed motions from the rapper's legal team will be heard during Mystikal's next court date on March 6.

The New Orleans artist has been behind bars since August 2017. That's when a woman accused him and another man named Averweone Darnell Holman of raping her. The woman alleges that the rape took place in October 2016. Holman faces the same charges. A third person, a woman named Tenichia Monieck Wafford, has also been charged with obstruction of justice in relation to the alleged assault for reportedly trying to persuade the accuser to recant their story.

To clarify, as of this very moment, Mystikal appears to still be behind bars. XXL called Caddo Correctional Center and they confirmed that the rapper is still an inmate in the jail.

Mystikal has denied all rape allegations against him. Mystikal's sexual assault trial is expected to begin in May.

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