There are many creative ways to celebrate love lost on Valentine's Day, but feeding a cockroach to a meerkat tops them all.

The love experts at the El Paso Zoo have come up with a near perfect way to show your ex how much you actually hate them.

You read that right. They will let you name a cockroach after you ex, then you get to watch a hungry meerkat EAT your ex of a cockroach! Nothing says, "I hate you so very, very much" like that.

Then instead of trying to move on with your life, you can actually watch the action on a meerkat live stream.  The feasting begins at 2:15pm Mountain time. How do you think you'll feel as the cockroach named after you ex gets gobbled up by this precious predator? Will you send the link to your ex so they can see exactly why they broke up with you?

I actually think the Detroit Zoo should do something like this so that the especially vindictive people in our area could actually be there live to see it happen.

I don't want to judge anyone here, but this might be a sign that it's time to move on. In fact, if a meerkat's digestive track is what you need to take the next step, then good for you.


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