I'm going to give Dej Loaf a pass for this interview considering she said she was ill, but watching this makes me feel really awkward. *insert Will Ferrell I don't know what to do with my hands pic here*

Nardwaur is known for his interviews for two reasons...

1. He asks questions that no one would ever think to ask. He's probably a CIA informant with the amount of underground knowledge he has on artists.

2. Gifts! Nardwaur always hooks up his artists with gifts that are not only hard to find, but also opens up conversation.

In my opinion if you get an interview with Nardwuar, you're doing something with your career. Even before teaming up with Pharrell for his "i am OTHER" series, Nardwuar was known as a pioneer of the interview game. Yesterday he posted his interview with Detroit artist Dej Loaf, and it's both extremely entertaining and extremely awkward. Saying "shout out to J Dilla" made me cringe so hard. And then the "What is this? Is this music?"...c'mon! The end of this interview kills me too because almost every interviewee knows how to end the interview with "doot doo"...except for Jay Z and now Dej Loaf. Get ready to cringe!