Last June, Nas released Nasir, his Kanye West-produced 11th studio album. One of the most talked-about tracks from the LP was a song called “Cops Shot the Kid," a poignant, Slick Rick-sampling song about police brutality.

In November, a video for the song was featured in the Queens legend’s 16-minute visual album Nasir. Now that particular section of the video gets its standalone music video for viewers to see.

The clip, which was directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat, finds Nas addressing the issues of police brutality in the inner city. The video starts off with the rap veteran walking on the beach with images of riots and a police officer throwing throwing a teen on top of his cruiser.

In another scene, we see Nas spitting his ultra-vivid lyrics in front of his Lamborghini as police helicopters fly above him. We also watch as a young Black man is being chased by the police before he's fatally shot.

The video also features a cameo from Slick Rick, whose 1988 cautionary song “Children's Story” is prominently sampled throughout. We'll let you see where he pops up for yourself.

This video comes a couple weeks after Escobar donned an all-white fur coat in Swizz Beatz's frosty video for "Echo," a Nas-featured track from the legendary producer's Poison album. He followed that up with a salute to the golden era of hip-hop in Black Eyed Peas' visually stunning video for "Back 2 HipHop."

Watch Nas' video for "Cops Shot the Kid" below. We also included the rap vet's Nasir film for your enjoyment as well.

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