Former NBA player Baron Davis is a man of many talents. After retiring from the NBA, he started The Black Santa Company, which he founded in 2016. The inspiration behind the company was inclusion. "I want to create resolution and inclusion, so I created Black Santa because his eyes see no color. The culture is the diversity,” Davis explains.

So, just in time for the holiday, Baron Davis releases a new mixtape called Black Santa Winter Wonderland. The mixtape is centered on hip-hop. The 15-track tape features a bevy of artists, but the listeners won't know who they are if they were reading the tracklist. Instead of listing the collaborators, Davis uses Christmas-themed monikers for the artists. During these troubling times, this project provides comfort and joy.

"The inspiration for the project came from watching a lot of protests and seeing our country go through racial tension, bullying and homophobia," Davis says. "I wanted to bring a solution. I felt that storytelling and education was what I could bring."

To make things even more interactive, each song is accompanied by a video and takes you on a journey to Black Santa’s magical realm in the South Pole, where you’ll meet all of his family and friends. BD is looking to make Black Santa Winter Wonderland an annual project for fans to look forward to.

He adds, "Yes, this Christmas mixtape will be an annual thing, but the goal is to release different projects throughout the year around multiple holidays and heritage weeks. Giving is not just a Christmas thing, giving has no season. The Winter Wonderland Mixtape is the first mixtape of many. We have one for Valentine's Day, we have one for the Fourth of July, and there's going to be a variety of mixtapes and content for plenty of holidays."

Bump the tape below.

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