It is no secret that NBA Legend Charles Barkley is the most outspoken broadcaster and sports personality we probably ever seen.  Recently, NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban came out and said if he could, he would draft Brittney Griner in the second round to play in the NBA.  Well that won't happen but Barkley spoke candidly about Cuban remarks. 

Barkley was a physical presence on the court during his time in the NBA and did damage to his oppenents.  The athlete turned broadcaster never won a NBA championship but is a Hall A Fame player & well respected.  When Barkley speaks on basketball, people listen.  According to Complex, Barkley doesn't think a woman can competitively beat a man in basketball.

“She can’t play against guys,” Barkley said, via Nick Birdsong of “I mean, you’re going to go at her, probably aggressively, cause you’re offended that she’s trying to play against you cause it’s kind of an insult to you. But she can’t play with men and I think whether she plays against a guy who has no…cause most of those guys, let’s…who are we kidding? Ninety to 95 percent of those guys who play in the summer league are never going to play in the NBA.”

The University of Connecticut current women's basketball coach believes Cuban's statements are a publicity stunt that would never materialize.  Barkley even spoke on Cuban statements being used to play with the press.

“I agree with Geno,” Barkley continued. “I mean, if you brought her in, yeah they’d sell some tickets to the summer league which I don’t understand what type of loser would go to the summer league anyway. But I agree with Geno 100 percent. A girl can’t play against men. It’s just a publicity (stunt). Mark’s one of my great friends, great friends. But a woman can’t play against a man.”

Even though Barkley's statement are blunt, I agree with him.  The game of basketball is very physical even at the professional level and I think men would be too physical for any women, competitively.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.

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