NBA player Kobe Bryant and wife are cleaning up their marriage.  In 2011, it seemed as if Kobe and wife, Vanessa, were going to split after divorce papers were filed.  The couple has now seem to have turned the tide.

In romantic relationship, couples argue and fight.  Arguments and fights lead to ending the relationship permanently but not for Kobe and Vanessa.  Finding a successful celebrity marriage is like finding a needle in a haystack.  It is possible but extremely difficult.

According to TMZ, sources close to the couple say things are not all peachy with Kobe and Vanessa.  In public everything looks well but behind closed doors, the couple are on and off.  One source told TMZ,

"It's like high school ... sometimes they're together, sometimes they're not."

As I wrote this, I can't stop but to think, "Does the off and on feuding keep celebrity couples together?"  Think about it. How many times have we seen celebrity couples reunite and separate all the time.

Check out footage of Kobe and Vanessa out in NYC on 12-12-2012

Is the separation and reuniting that much of a big deal that it keep romantic relationships going?

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