Sunday afternoon Ndamukong Suh once again found himself in a bit of controversy. After a play was over that sent the Green Bay Packers' QB to the ground, Ndamukong Suh stepped -- or rather stomped -- on Aaron Rodgers leg.

Suh was penalized on that play and the game pretty much looked all downhill from there. The Monday afterwards it was reported that the league suspended Suh from the upcoming playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL then released a statement saying Ndamukong "unnecessarily stepped on [the] opponent's unprotected leg as he lay on the ground unable to protect himself."

Now according to ESPN Suh has won his appeal of the ruling and will no longer be suspended for Sunday's game, but will have to pay a fine of $70k.

I am sure Suh and the rest of the fans in the Lions Den much rather take the fine rather than the suspension.