The A7FL is a new full contact football league, but they're leaving a few key items on the sidelines.

The players of the A7FL are playing with no helmets or pads.  The craziest part is that the league believes that the players are actually safer without the pads.

One of the leagues founders talked about the future of their league, saying:

We see the A7FL as the future of football. We’re pushing it as hard as we can for safety, morality, and promoting football internationally. There’s an ongoing CTE epidemic. We feel our format is the sport that will pick up internationally—seven-on-seven is an international format, easier to play, no equipment cost.

During Super Bowl week, you would expect that something like this would just get ignored completely, but the highlight reel is too good to ignore.

Some doctors suggest that playing with full pads only increases the chance of injury, because of the indestructible feeling that players get when in pads.

Check out the video below explaining why it's safer to play without pads and let us know if you agree.

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