We're in the graduation season and high school seniors want to leave their mark behind with a great prank. New Jersey high school senior prank went wrong and several students were arrested.  Talk about being an adult before walking across the stage. 

Sixty two students were arrested last night in Teaneck, New Jersey after they broke into school to pull off a massive high school prank.  Students urinated in the hallways, taped hot dogs to lockers, knocked over desk and chairs, and other reckless activities.

Police responded to the school's burglary alarm and saw the students through the school windows and called for back up.  The officers went room-to-room with dogs to find the students that were hiding.  All the students who were 18 years old were charged and the young pranksters were released to parents.

The school district is looking into punishing the students who were caught.  I think the prank was pretty lame and they should be punished.  Damaging school property is the wrong way to go.  Someone has to clean up and repair all the damages occurred by this misguided prank.