One of the unforeseen problems with legal recreational marijuana is the edibles.  These are the brownies, cookies, gummy bears, the list goes on.  What's happening in places like Denver where weed is also legal is that people have no idea how potent these consumables are and take too much.  Subsequently, they get way too high and even start to hallucinate to the point where that have no control.  This can certainly cause problems especially when driving.  If only there was a pill you could take.  How many times have you said that about something?

Well, according to, there actually is a pill invented by the same guy, Steve Goldner, who invented liquid methadone in the 70s.  He calls it Parachute and, amazingly, it sobers you up almost immediately if you get too high!  You put it under your tongue and it dissolves then in about 5 minutes you're sober.  And get this, it's only available in Michigan.  Get more information about Steve and Parachute by clicking HERE.

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