Hip-hop has always rolled hand-in-hand with dance. In the early days, B-boys were the made men of the culture, windmilling, head spinning and jackhammering their way to local fame and endless levels of clout. Though breakdancing has waned over the years, dances associated with hip-hop music has persisted.

These days it’s hard to keep up with all the new moves—whips, woahs, nanas, dougies, millies, freddies and jessies or whatever new dances the kids are coming up with. Yes, this is mostly a young man/woman’s sport. It doesn’t appear everyone has gotten the memo.

Just as a number of anchors, reporters and meteorologists haven’t been shy about dropping rap lines in their coverage, they haven't been shy about hilariously dancing on set to rap tunes either. West Virginia newscaster Dan Thorn went viral in 2014 after video of him dancing on set to the internet’s T.I. remix of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga.”

“A lot of people out there are probably going, ‘This is great, how he was moving and all that,’" Thorn said in an interview. "And other people are probably going, ‘This guy, man, he's an awful dancer. The only reason why people even care is because he's a TV news anchor and he's just painfully White’—if you will—‘at doing it. He just happens to be some guy that you wouldn't expect doing it.’ I'm not really a dancer.”


Recently, Charlotte, N.C. meteorologist Nick Kosir has found his own viral fame by participating in dance challenges live on-air. With more and more newsroom members busting out cringeworthy dance moves, XXL rounds up the most shameless, LOL-worthy instances.

  • “Hot Nigga,” Bobby Shmurda

    59 News
  • “Slide Like This Krewlibs Pt. 2," Mr. HotSpot

    Fox 46
  • “Sicko Mode,” Travis Scott featuring Drake

    Fox 4
  • “Hit the Quan,” iLoveMemphis

    WMC Action News 5
  • “Teach Me How to Dougie,” Cali Swag District

    Fox 29
  • “In My Feelings,” Drake

    Action News 2
  • “Can’t Touch This,” MC Hammer

    CBS 5
  • “I Know You Want Me," Pitbull

    KWTX 10
  • “Push It,” Salt N Pepa

    Fox Carolina
  • “Bust a Move,” Young M.C.


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