That's right, the Oakland Raiders have hired a Grandmother to join their Cheer squad. Now let me make this clear that Susie Sanchez who is 37 is not your typical Grandmother. Don't think Betty White, think more like Brooke Burke. She has three kids and one grandchild. After tons of tryouts her dream has come true.

As you can see in the picture, she's got a nice body and is in great shape. She's been dancing since she was 8, so this was a big moment for her. She tells the Hollister Pinnacle

"I just started crying," she said after she heard her number called — lucky No. 45. "It was like, 'wow.' I was overwhelmed with emotion … just never give up."

If you're wondering if she's the oldest ever the answer is no. That would be The Bengals' Laura Vikmanis, who is still going at the age of 42!

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