The NFL's own Malik Mcdowell is shown resisting arrest at a gas station and all hell breaks loose! Take in mind the guy is 300 lbs of pure muscle.

I feel bad for the cop in this video, and at the same time, I salute his discipline for not shooting Malik. From the moment Malik started to speak with the officer you can tell this was about to get hairy. But as the video goes on you see Malik get outta control and tries to escape the cop while saying "I need your supervisor" a hundred times.

After a quick grapple, the cop shoots him with his taser and it looks like it only makes him angrier. Props to the little guy for holding his own against an NFL defensive lineman. This could have easily gone bad for either party. The cop could've shot him and been justified. Also, Malik could've crushed his head like The Mountain in Game Of Thrones. Both made out ok in my book.

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