Nick Cannon shuts down the rumors about halting production of the late Nipsey Hussle's documentary about Dr. Sebi.

On Thursday (May 30), the Wild'N Out host hit up his Instagram timeline to dispell a false report that made its round throughout the Internet earlier this week. The report claims that someone "from Nick Cannon's camp" said Cannon plans to stop production on his documentary based on the life of Alfredo Bowman aka Dr. Sebi due to incoming death threats. Cannon asserts the rumor is not true.

"Oh 'They' wish this was the truth!! Who made this dumb shit?! LOL #Fearless," Cannon wrote in the caption of his IG post featuring a screenshot of the false headline.

Contrary to the word on the street, the 38-year-old rapper-TV host wants to make sure the marathon continues by finishing the work Nipsey Hussle started. After the L.A. native was shot and killed in front of his clothing store, The Marathon, Cannon said that he planned to pick up the baton and carry out Nip's plan for a documentary about the Dr. Sebi, a controversial medicine practitioner who some believed had found a cure for AIDS.

"I’m gonna say this only for the real ones to recognize. Where you left off, we gonna carry one! It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton!" Cannon wrote in his Instagram post on April 1. "Because they can’t kill us all! Spiritual Warfare is REAL and in full effect. And now your Spirit is protecting your community eternally! Your words, your steps, your walk always was and always will be SOLID! Now, Your message is my message! Your work is my work! I know you still rocking with us and your voice will never be silenced, because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Most High! So now that you are at Peace don’t Rest... Keep leading... Keep Shining King! Cosmic Love My Brotha!"

There's still no confirmed release date for the documentary, but just know Nick doesn't plan to stop until it's complete. Check out Nick Cannon's response to the rumor below.

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