Nick Cannon always drops a new song like every 2 years. It must be good to have the World in your hand where you can play around with music, have a Super Famous wife and do TV shows every now and again. Well this is a new joint with Akon and it's kinda funny. Plus checkout him making a stop at a familiar Web face's house.


Nick Cannon has dabbled in music for a long time. But other than "Gigolo" with R. Kelly (Who made the track) he hasn't had a lot of success. Well here's his

new joint with Akon and it's ok. But nobody's going to take him seriously. Especially since he's married to Mariah... We just haven't let that sink into our brains yet. Check out

the video and let me know what you think.

Here's Nick with America's darling of YouTube Keenan Cahill.

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