I guess it is true, every basketball player's dream, is to be in a rapper, and every rapper's dream is to be in the NBA. I mean think about all the Nba players that tried and the key word is "tried" rapping Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, and Ron Artest. On the flip side who remembers when Master P tried out for the NBA, and before rapping New York rapper Cam'Ron went to college on a basketball scholarship.Now we have a new batch of rappers and a new batch of basketball and everything is still pretty much the same, all ball players want to be rappers and vice versa.

In my opinion TNT has the best NBA broadcasting team, they are very intelligent when it comes to basketball, and are very funny and are willing to talk and do anything and not afraid to say anything not related to sports.

Check out this segment between Nicki Minaj, Shaquielle O'neal, Grant Hill, Ernie Johnson (who is hilariously) and Kenny Smith who surprisingly did a not so bad job.