Fans have been patiently waiting to hear Nicki Minaj's remix of Lil Uzi Vert's "The Way Life Goes" ever since she posted a video bumping the original when the album dropped. Now, it's finally here, and you can cop it on iTunes or stream it via Apple Music below.

A couple weeks ago, Nicki said the song was finished, but a certain someone was keeping the record from being released.

The remix is the second new Nicki feature we've gotten in as many weeks. Last Friday, we got her new Migos and Cardi B collab "MotorSport," the first single off the upcoming Culture 2 album.

Soon, rumors started swirling that Nicki and Cardi were taking shots at one another on the track, with some thinking Nicki didn't know Cardi would be on the song. But Nicki laid those rumors to rest on Twitter soon after, claiming the record was originally just a collab with her and Quavo.

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