NLE Choppa doesn’t believe in too many conspiracy theories, but he recently revealed one that may leave fans scratching their heads.

On episode 12 of The Bootleg Kev Podcast, the 2020 XXL Freshman was asked about a Pentagon report, in which the government acknowledged that UFOs exist. The 17-year-old artist concurred and said, “I’m not going to lie, I believe that aliens are already here.”

“Look, bro, you mean to tell me that Elon Musk not a alien?” NLE Choppa then asked Bootleg Kev. “C’mon, brah, he’s trying to get people to go on Mars. What the fuck?”

Aside from the alien aspect, NLE Choppa is not too far off with his assessment. According to an Aug. 9 report from The Hill, the Tesla founder’s SpaceX company in Texas has built and tested a stainless-steel vehicle that will eventually take people and cargo to Mars as well as the moon without the machine cracking up in space.

NLE Choppa also said he's not down with Musk developing a computer chip for the brain. The young rapper added that Musk has already lived on Mars and that’s why he wants so many people to go and live on the planet.

“Bruh, if a nigga come to my face and say, ‘Hey, man, let’s move to Mars! Let’s move to Mars! Let’s move to Mars!’ His ass done been there, his ass done lived there before,” Choppa said. “First off, they say it’s hot as hell there. So, we ain’t gon’ be thinkin’ about going there. Muthafucka going to come, ‘Let’s go to Mars.’ The fuck? You been there before or somethin’. Boy, hell naw. You not gon' put shit in my brain."

NLE Choppa also added that he won’t be driving a Tesla anytime soon. He feels that Musk is probably monitoring drivers in the cars. “That shit kinda police,” he said referring to the state-of-the-art technology that comes equipped in the popular electric vehicles.

Aliens and brain chips aside, NLE Choppa is enjoying the success of his latest single, "Walk Em Down," featuring 2019 XXL Freshman Roddy Ricch and the release of his debut album, Top Shotta.

Check out NLE Choppa’s comments below.

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